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6 Things That Sellers Are Most Stressed About

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Selling your home can be one of the most stressful times in your life... but it doesn't have to be. Our Broker, Melissa Sofia, goes through 6 things that stress people out the most. Don't stress - schedule a time to talk to Melissa today.

1. When is the right time to sell my house?

We don't have a crystal ball... but we can use the housing inventory as a measurable guide.  

There are 4,500 homes for sale in San Diego right now. In November, there was around 6,500. With less homes for sale that means the ones on the market will sell at a higher price. This means that we are currently in a seller's market which means it is the perfect time to sell. Stay up to date with the housing inventory to know when it's a sellers market.

2. What do I need to do to prep my house to sell?

Probably less than you think. Talk to Melissa first before you decide you need to paint the whole house, replace your garage door, change out your flooring. Don't miss the perfect time to sell by worrying about all of these things. Melissa can help you figure out the must do's that buyers actually care about and prevent you from spending money on things that you don't need to.

3. How will I coordinate showings?

I have a dog, I have a baby, I have cats, I work, I don't want people showing up unannounced. 

These are concerns we hear every day and we can work around all of them. 

Keep in mind the more flexibility you allow for showings, the more buyers will get in to see your house. The more buyers that see it mean more offers. More offers mean more money. That being said, don't worry – great agent will tailor showing your home to your needs.

4. Where do I go now?

The world is your oyster. Want to move up? Want to downsize? Cut down your commute. Check out what's available to you and let's see if the numbers make sense for you to make the move.

We believe happiness is key. Don't spend your life putting your happiness on hold. It's at your fingertips, so start today - take control and get yourself where you want to be.

5. How do I pick the right agent?

Local market knowledge is key. You need an agent who knows about both where you want to buy and where you want to sell. This is why being born and raised in San Diego gives Melissa a great advantage.

Additionally, it is important that you find an agent who understands modern marketing and utilized modern technology to get more buyers into your house. Check out their website and their social mediate presence. If they are not active on social media, they simply not where the buyers are.

6. What is my home worth?

That is a question that can't be answered by jumping on a site where you pop in your address and get a number.It's such a customized answer, in most neighborhoods the formula pumped out by the computers is usually inaccurate. 

If you want a personalized estimate, schedule a time to talk to Melissa. She would love to Facetime, walk through your house and give you a more accurate evaluation to let you know if its truly time for you to sell.

As a bonus we have an amazing book recommendation. This is Melissa's latest book obsession – it is changing lives and teaching people how to heal their brains. Borrowed or bought, this is must read.

Disclosure: if you use the link above, we get a small cut. If you end up buying do us a favor and use the link :)

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