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A modern guide to Thanksgiving decor

7 EASY tips for "wow-ing" your guests at home

Hosting Thanksgiving requires expert planning, coordination, strength and finesse. We think decor should be the least of your worries.

With so much on your plate, (yes we went there) setting up the perfect scene can be done with just a few tweaks and additions. Below we offer you 7 of the most stylish tips for updating your ambience:

1. Repurpose

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No need to go out and buy decor pieces if you have them at home. Repurpose bottles from your recycling bin, pick flowers from the garden and be creative! Creating a "DIY" theme at the table will make everyone feel comfortable and cozy.

2. Eat outside

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In SoCal we're blessed with sunshine almost all year long. If you plan on hosting an early or late afternoon gathering, eating outside may be ideal. The temps don't drop until the sun goes down and the whole fam can enjoy the sunset together. Plus, Mother Nature sets the mood for you- putting everyone in great spirits.

3. Add Greenery

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If you're looking for a budget friendly option to decorate the table, this tip is key. Adding beautiful greenery in the form of garlands, branches, twigs and leaves can create a lush tablescape that also exudes creativity. Just be sure the table is easily navigated if you use larger pieces.

4. Be creative with seating

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This tip is excellent for when there are an abundance of guests and secondary chairs are not available. It's also great for those who are casually meeting with friends and can't get home for the holiday. Set up a low table or coffee table and sit on cushions for an exotic experience. This set up can pair well with an international theme and encourages a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Use an unexpected table cloth

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An interesting table cloth can change the whole look of a tablescape with minimal effort. If you are to invest in just one thing we suggest this. Try something darker for a more elegant mood or something bright and playful if you're hoping for an energetic eating experience. In color therapy the color red is said to create a bigger appetite!

6. Mirror your landscape

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A gorgeous way to save money on flowers and create a memorable setting is to use succulents. If you're worried about color, add just a few roses and other brightly colored flowers in shot glasses to fill in the spaces. Your guests will love the drought tolerant theme and will appreciate the unique tablescape effort.

7. Create a backdrop

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For extra ambience points set up a pretty backdrop for your guests to sit in front of. Use a tapestry, move some art around or hang a beautiful macrame for a boho feel. Not only will the food taste a little more decadent, your guests will think you are an expert event designer.

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