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How to vibe up your home in summer

Everyone knows that summertime is SoCal's time to shine!

We are nearing towards the solstice and we can feel the excitement in the air. While overhauling your home for every season isn't practical, or necessary, it can be refreshing and fun to add small tweaks to your environment to align with the vibe outside.

Below, check out our 6 easy tips for "Summer-ing" your living spaces:

1. Indoor Palms

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Indoor palms add an instant tropical vibe to any living space. If you visit your local nursery they should be able to guide you on what palms are going to be best for your type of home, however, we'll offer a few of a favorites here: Areca palm, Kentia palm, Sago palm, and Parlor palm. Be sure to check what kind of water and light each variety needs. If you're willing to go the extra mile we LOVE a wicker basket at the base to create a bohemian feel.

If you live in San Diego, you should visit this nursery!

2. Outdoor Rug

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Outdoor rugs are a must have in Southern California where we can enjoy the luxury of an indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Even if you don't have a large outdoor space you can find rugs of all sizes that are designed to withstand the outside elements. Our favorite styles feature bright colors and patterns as they create an energetic ambience to guests. Check out sustainable rugs with cool Cali vibes here.

3. Diffuse Citrus

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It's said that our sense of smell is what effects our mood the most, and so it's only common sense to choose the scents that you surround yourself with! We suggest purchasing a diffuser and playing with summery essential oils to relax into the best season of the year. Our favorites for summer are definitely citrus: lemon and orange. When choosing oils make sure they are organic. Purchase essential oils here and here.

4. Throw pillows and blankets

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Throw pillows and throw blankets are an easy way to completely shift the vibe of a room if you are willing to make the investment. If you're worried about space for storage, you can use the same pillows but purchase the shams to go over them depending on the season. For summer we love a mix of brights, blues, and earthy tones. Check out a multitude of pillows, shams, and blankets here.

5. Surfboard

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You don't need to ride waves to have a surfboard in your home! Southern California style is all about the indoor surfboard and we think everyone should feel free to display one. Bringing a surfboard into your living room, kitchen, or gathering space instantly inspires feelings of relaxation, vacation, and quintessential California. There are plenty of spots to pick up a previously used board, however, if you're looking for a new one we love this company for sustainability. Or for a luxury version check these out.

Real estate heats up with the weather! Thinking of buying or selling? Schedule a FREE chat with us and we will guide you into making the best investment decisions.

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