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Biophelia & Sustainable Decor

Design trends that have Mother Earth in mind

There's quite an array of interior design trends to choose from this year, from deeply hued countertops to the resurgence of floral wallpaper.

Yet, what really catches our eye is the growing popularity of sustainable decor and the healthy lifestyle movement called “biophelia.”

Biophelia is more than just a design fad, it’s an intentional way of living that can be applied through many aspects of our culture. Biophelia is the belief that humans seek connection and thrive when in contact with other forms of life and the natural elements. This can be represented by human connection, living near a forest or bringing nature into your own living and work spaces. Sustainable decor supports this lifestyle by respecting the Earth with the choice to reuse, thrift and upcycle. Curious how this translate into living spaces? Below we feature some of our favorite examples of eco-conscious and biophilic living.

Sustainable Decor

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Thrifting items like textiles, woven baskets and rattan furniture means you're on trend and honoring the Earth. Lucky for us, many retro home trends are back. If you don't have any great thrift stores with home goods around you, you can find many options online like this store in Oregon.

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You can take sustainable decor further, by building your own shelves with reclaimed wood, framing heirloom artwork with gently loved frames and even purchasing vintage toys instead of brand new ones.

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Upcycle old furniture by reupholstering with your favorite fabrics, or better yet, vintage fabrics for more sustainability.


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A biophelic designed space can include natural wood, lots of sunlight, plants and water features. Wood in living spaces is proven to lower blood pressure and calm the nervous system, as proven in this study.

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Expansive windows are shown in most examples of biophelic interiors as they make us feel a part of nature while remaining indoors.

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Indoor plants are proven to reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing the autonomic nervous system as shown in this study. They also dress up interiors beautifully by creating texture, depth and a sense of vitality.

Sustainable decor and biophelia are trends we hope are here to stay with the prevalence of climate change and the deforestation of our planet. By the examples above we show that it is possible to do good for the Earth and live in a stunning environment. Bring on the vintage goods, plants and sunshine!

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