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Indoor air quality is more important than you think

After spending a week in the mountains of Zions National Park, our Yogi/Realtor Nicole was inspired by the fresh clean air. Below are her tips for the easiest ways to improve the indoor air quality of your hOMe. Truth: the air in your environment can affect your health more than you think!

1. Clean your floors! This tip seems self explanatory, but it's shocking how many of us neglect to clean our floors. Make sure you are vacuuming, sweeping and mopping your floors at least twice a week and placing mats in front of all doors that are connected to the outside. We track in dust, mites, pollen and even pet dander without knowing it. Most of this is not visible to the naked eye! Extra tip: Try having a no shoe policy indoors.

2. Be mindful of the humidity in your home. Humidity should be between 30-50% in the home. If you can't measure it, just make sure you are opening a window when you cook and crack a window when you bathe and shower. Also check all your pipes a few times a year to make sure nothing is leaking. Mold loves moisture and that can be detrimental for your health.

3. Stop using synthetic fragrances, in ANY products at home. Synthetic fragrances can have dangerous chemicals in them that can greatly affect your immune system and well being. Fragrances can be deemed a "trade secret" and the ingredients may not be listed on the label. One study found a well known air freshener to have 20 Volatile Organic Compounds hidden in it that were not listed! It's safer to use organic, 100% natural or homemade household and beauty products.

4. Buy those indoor plants! Indoor plants protect us by absorbing chemicals in their roots, soil and foliage. They also beautify the home so it's definitely a "win win" situation. Extra tip: Don't put them in the bedroom. Feng Shui says we shouldn't place these vibrant, highly energetic living things in our place of sleep because it can disrupt our dream state.

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Have additional questions about indoor air quality, Real Estate or Yoga? Schedule a free chat with Nicole. She would love to hear from you!

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