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A simple change to make your home more eco-conscious

Many of us in SoCal would love to live in a "green" home. However, major retrofit projects can be costly and invasive to your living spaces. Below, we offer you the easiest quick tip on how to live a more resource-efficient lifestyle.

Did you know?

If every American home replaced just one incandescent lightbulb with one CFL or LED lightbulb it would save enough energy to light 3 million homes for one year.


It would prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year- equivalent to the emissions from about 800,000 cars.


CFL and LED bulbs produce 70-90 percent less heat than incandescent bulbs and use about 70-90 percent less energy. This means your utility bills will be less, creating savings all around.


Changing your lightbulbs may be one of the easiest things you could do to save on energy costs and help our environment. Are you worried about uncommon bulbs that need replacing? Check out this site will find your best option for replacement, for every bulb on the market.

Have additional questions about creating a more resource-efficient home? Schedule a quick chat with Nicole, Realtor at The Avenue Home Collective.

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