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How to use color therapy and Feng Shui to stay cool this summer

The Summer heat is on full blast in SoCal and we know all the secrets to staying chill.

Living by the coastline is one of life's greatest luxuries, and (let's be real) Southern California is the best there is. However, when it gets HOT mid-summer we get sick of running that A/C, (if we have it) and taking those sweet ocean dips is not always on the schedule. What to do when a heat wave strikes? Try color therapy and Feng Shui.

5 ways to use color therapy and Feng Shui to stay cool: 

1. Believe it or not, Feng Shui is common sense! In Chinese Medicine the summer is represented by the element of, (you guessed it) FIRE. So it only makes sense to lessen the fire element at home at this time of year, right? The easiest way to do this is to use less electricity. Turn off the lights and open those blinds. Also, summer calls for fresh, cooling foods so scale back on the stove and oven use. The body naturally will feel cooler and your bank account will thank you for the decreased gas and electric bill.

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2. In the summertime it's best to use cooling colors to offset the summer heat, and in color therapy the most cooling hues are blue's and green's. Set aside some blue and green throw pillows to use at this time of year and change out your other home accessories. Once you're surrounded by soothing hues you'll immediately feel relieved, trust us.

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3. Definitely buy some potted plants to place in your home. There are about 1,000 reasons why, (some we have discussed here) but they are especially key during the summer. If you run the A/C, indoor plants can help offset some of that dust and they also absorb heat so you won't need as much artificial cooling.  

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4. Invest in natural fibers for sheets and bedding. It's best to change out your linens based on the season, even in SoCal where we are blessed with year long sunshine. When it's ultra hot, sheets made out of cotton and bamboo will not only keep you cooler, they will also wick moisture so you can slumber peacefully.

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5. Invest in some crystals. We know, this tip is a little "out there" but crystals are gorgeous in the home and try telling us you don't love having them around! Our favorite for summertime? Amethyst. This crystal is a majorly calming, cooling, and healing stone and is absolutely dreamy on your bed stand at night or on your office desk. Wearing or placing them in your environment will absolutely transform any frazzled, hot vibes.

Just remember: Our outer environment affects our inner environment.

Have questions? Schedule a free chat with our Yogi certified GREEN Realtor Nicole Marre. She would love to share more tips with you! See more about Nicole at

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