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How we implement modern technology to sell your home quick

Want your home sold almost instantly? The Avenue Home Collective prides itself on being a leader in real estate technology, and the latest innovations are proving to sell homes in record time.

We offer buyers the opportunity to walk through homes from the comfort of their own living rooms using a comprehensive 3D tour. The option to view every corner of the house without actually going anywhere attracts more eyes and more interest than typical methods of marketing.

Watch below for an example of a 3D experience we offer. This stunning home in San Marcos sold the first weekend it went on the market with multiple offers to choose from. Needless to say our buyers are very happy with the success of our modern methods.

If you want your home sold faster and for more $$$ don't hesitate to reach out to us! Contact: and/or schedule a free chat with broker/owner Melissa Sofia. We are passionate about providing you with a modern approach to buying/selling real estate that will find you instant success.

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