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Declutter, Feel Better

Tips on how to let go of those dusty old magazines

Who says cleaning only happens in the Spring?

Autumn is an excellent time to minimize because no one wants to hibernate in clutter.

Yet, even though most of us know this is healthy in theory, when it actually comes time to part with your possessions, the act itself can feel daunting and even emotionally taxing. If you are one of the millions of people suffering from nostalgia, don't fret, there is hope for you!

Below we've listed 5 creative tips, (that work) for decluttering your life:

1. Create a "no mans land"

There are really 2 steps to decluttering. The first is gathering the items you know you should be donating or tossing. The second is actually releasing these items from your life. The second step is much harder than the first! What has proved most useful is to create an "in-between" box for items you just can't let go of. Put them away in the garage or somewhere you won't see them. Two months later take out the box and revisit. What usually happens is the entire box goes bye bye.

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2. Focus on one space at a time

Many of us get overwhelmed by thinking about how many rooms need attention, so starting out just never happens. Give yourself a realistic goal. For example: This week you could declutter the bathroom for 10 minutes a day until it is finished. To motivate you, make sure you focus on how decluttering the space will benefit you. Meaning, by organizing the bathroom for 10 minutes a day you will get to work, (and play) quicker once it's done.

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3. Put likes with likes

When you're going through a room put everything that is the same together in one pile. An example of this for your wardrobe might be jeans. How many pairs of jeans do you actually need? Have you worn them all in the last six months? We bet not.  Donate the ones you haven't and get them out of your life. By putting similar items together we are visually able to understand what we can let go of.

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4. Take a trip

There's no doubt that traveling often opens our eyes to new ways of thinking. The next time you go on an extended, (leisurely) vacation purposefully pack 1/2 of what you normally would. If this is especially difficult for you ask for the help of a friend to decide what should go and what can stay behind. This method works because while on vacation you are likely to realize you didn't need all that "stuff." You might even come home with an inspired mindset to live more simply and you'll save on luggage fees. It's a win win!

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5. Remind and visualize

You can declutter all you want but if you don't change your habits and your mind the issue will keep arising. Science tells us that we must change the neuropathways in the brain in order to change our habits, (topic for a different blog). How does one do that? One way is to constantly visualize how you want your living spaces to look and affirm this by imagining those scenes every day, believing it will be so! Eventually your habits will start to morph toward that goal. Another way is to force yourself to take daily action. Pretend you are a minimalist enough and eventually you will be. Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself!

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