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Don't sell yourself short!

The best time to sell your home and why

Most people would say that summertime is the best time to sell your home. Read below to learn why that isn't true, especially in today's red hot market.

Today there is a huge shortage in housing inventory. In San Diego and Southern California in general, we have what's called a "two month housing inventory." Meaning, if you put your home on the market right now and no other homes were offered for sale, it would be sold in two months. To put this into perspective: in a healthy market you would typically see a "six month housing inventory."

What does that mean for you?

1. There is vastly less competition than normal. If you put your house up for sale last year and were having trouble selling, you should get back in the market and try again right now. Your chances of selling are at a much higher %.

2. Historically people have always believed it was best to sell in the summer. But in the last three years early spring has been proven the hottest time to sell. There are many factors contributing to this-a few being less competition in the market, buyers going on summer vacation, and eager buyers already jumping to purchase in the Spring before the market gets too hot.

3. Huge tip: If you have been putting off selling your home because of a "one off issue" meaning for example: you can't afford to pay for certain repairs, or loud road noise or a high HOA, stop waiting and just sell now! All the homes that are priced correctly are being sold, even those with minor flaws because the market is so tight.

Right now is the perfect time to sell your home

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