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Education & Real Estate

Why they go hand-in-hand

Earlier this month Melissa Sofia & Cheli Handley joined forces on Smarter San Diego to discuss the connection between real estate and school districts in San Diego county.

These two accomplished women were just the experts to discuss such a topic being that Melissa is a star Broker/Owner/& top producing Realtor, (it’s her business to know schools in SD) & Cheli has a masters degree in school curriculum design! 💪

Read below for a summary of the top 5 highlights from this important episode:

1. People pick real estate based on schools

The hottest and most competitive San Diego communities in real estate also feature the top rated schools. This is no coincidence. When a school district is ranked high consistently year after year, families will do just about anything to move into the neighborhood, creating higher home values in that area.

2. What kind of philosophy and lifestyle does your child need to thrive?

There are more ways to educate your children than ever before. Explore all of your options before choosing a home in a specific neighborhood.

An example of education innovation is the Del Sur school "Design 39." This style of education teaches kids to learn with "design thinking in mind" and a growth mindset. This public school campus provides kids the opportunity to practice empowered learning by problem solving with their peers and working in labs.

Home schooling is also on the rise. If you have the time and resources, you can tailor an education that is most beneficial for your child. Many home schooling programs offer funds to support you for visiting museums and offering extra curricular activities not normally given in public schooling. This would allow your family to live anywhere without worry of school districts.

3. Don't always trust what you read online + don't take no for an answer

If you find your dream home and it happens to be in a "mediocre" school district, do more research. What is it about the school that isn't rated highly? There is a chance that the teacher your child will be assigned to has a wonderful reputation and the school rating may not be based on something that matters to you. You can also petition to go to other schools depending on where you live. Ask around for what creative methods are out there for your child to be accepted.

4. Find a Realtor who actually knows the education system

Most Realtors will know what homes are connected to what school districts as it is public information. However, what would be most beneficial to you is to find an agent who knows not only what the school district is like now, but what the future potential is. Some neighborhoods and districts are projected to change over time and this could be valuable information for your family.

Also, double check your Realtor is really telling the truth! Don't find out too late that they were mistaken and the school boundaries have changed, or that you moved into a "lottery system. " It's worth working with someone very experienced, like Avenue agent Cheli Hanley, who has experience in school curriculum design and in depth knowledge of all of the San Diego school districts.

5. Be knowledgeable on the up and coming school districts

By knowing what school districts will be highly desired in the future you can buy a home that will surely gain healthy equity! Brand new communities with young families, like Harmony Grove in Escondido, will demand a positive education for their children.

Other San Diego areas to watch:

-Check all new development pockets in Escondido

-San Marcos

-South San Diego, like Chula Vista which now has professional development programs for investing in elite teachers.

Watch the full episode on Smarter San Diego here:

Have questions for Cheli or Melissa? Schedule a free chat with them here. They would love to hear from you!

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