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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

How to Create and Develop Your Own Online Business

Our broker, Melissa Sofia, invited entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster: Pat Flynn to join her on Smarter San Diego which aired on Channel 4 on Sunday, August 28th. Watch the full episode below!

If you have yet to discover him on your own, Pat Flynn is a best selling author with a popular podcast – Smart Passive Income. After being laid off in the architecture industry, he managed to quickly turn his luck around by publishing an e-book and generating over $200,000 in sales within a year. He has since dedicated himself to teaching others how to find their own success by discussing the ways in which he succeeded so quickly and so profoundly despite the 2008 recession.

In this episode of Smarter San Diego, Pat Flynn discusses various platforms for sharing your knowledge and making a living while doing it. He has expertise in building an audience via blogging and podcasting, among other things. On his website, he explains that his podcast and blog, Smart Passive Income is a resource “to teach you proven strategies for running an online business and optimizing it for passive income–.”

“Really my message is that business can be done in a really transparent, honest way.” - Pat Flynn

Although Pat Flynn is an exceptional resource for creating and developing your own successful business, Melissa Sofia invited him to join her on Smarter San Diego because his business values directly align with those of The Avenue Home Collective. The foundation of Melissa’s business are the strong, honest relationships she has formed throughout the years by making the process of buying a home easy and transparent.

“Be fully upfront, be yourself and in that way you can build a long term relationship that can lead to a lifetime of customers and a lifetime of fans if you will.” - Pat Flynn

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