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Feeling Blue

This seasons most important color trend has us all in the mood

This year blue is the new black... or in the case of interiors- the new white.

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Blue in color therapy 

In color therapy blue hues create feelings of peace and tranquility, making this color ideal for bedrooms and really any part of the home that you wish to feel extra harmonious. While being calming, blue can also inspire deep thoughts and promotes clear, eloquent communication. These are qualities that would be excellent over the dining room table! Clearly, Blue establishes a sense of zen and well being in a home.

Still can't imagine yourself living in blue? Read below for plenty of moody style inspiration:

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Blue cabinetry mixes well with most materials in a kitchen. This includes wood, metallics and neutral marbles. While seemingly unexpected, it exudes a refined taste.

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Blue is ideal for the bedroom as it promotes deep sleep. Worried it will darken the room too much? Paint only a single wall or lighten the space with contrasting colors, interesting textures and light furniture and accessories.

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Try mixing blue into your living environment in quirky ways for an artistic touch. Try an oversized art piece or statement furniture in plush materials. Tip: It's easier to be adventurous in blue shades than neighboring colors of green or purple.

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Bathrooms and particularly tile work can be the ideal place to implement tranquil blue shades. Truth- some of us have our best ideas, (deep wisdom) mid- shower.

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And because wall paper is such a massive trend this year, it was "a must" to include some eclectic ideas in our favorite color.

Have questions? Speak to our in-house design specialist/Realtor Nicole Marrè by clicking here.

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