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First comes love...

How Avenue Realtor Rita Kealey coordinates life's most important decisions

We've all heard those silly children's song lyrics, "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage."

Yet, there's something very important missing from that traditional "life path story." We're talking about that exciting first time home purchase, and The Avenue is very proud to have an agent that is an expert in two of life's incredible milestones: planning a wedding and buying a home!

Meet Rita Kealey of Events Boutique and talented Realtor with The Avenue Home Collective. Rita has an exceptional reputation in the wedding industry and was even recently featured by Voyage LA in this article, discussing her experience and journey into the business. However, Rita doesn't end her relationships with her clients after "I do," she also guides them into their most important investment, which is their first home purchase.

Read below for an interview on how Rita has combined both industries into one personal brand:

Rita, you have been in the event planning business since you were 18 years old. What inspired you to add real estate to your professional portfolio?

I feel that Real Estate is actually very similar to wedding planning. In both industries you have to be on your toes. Both work with space design and space planning, and I've become very interested in architecture for that reason. I also became involved with remodeling my own home and found that I loved the process of co-creating a living environment which led me into Real Estate. Additionally, It is a cohesive step to transition from wedding planning to then moving my clientele into their own home.

How do the real estate business and the wedding event business compliment one another?

There are a lot of similarities. Both industries handle looking for a space to meet your needs, fit with your budget and your lifestyle preferences. Then personally, both wedding coordination and being a realtor require me to be highly organized and attentive to detail. Planning a wedding and purchasing a home can involve some of the most important decisions of a persons life and require expert guidance.

What has been your favorite part of being a Realtor?

Constantly discovering new aspects of LA. Also viewing all the different types of homes and meeting new clients as well as other Realtors. I also love continuously building upon my expertise and evolving my relationships with wedding clients into real estate clients.

We also know you're a new mom. What's your secret for juggling it all with such finesse?

2 words: Time management. Staying really organized and dividing up my day strategically is crucial so that I have time for everything on my schedule. I definitely cram in a lot during naps!

What advice would you give first time home buyers that are just getting into the market?

Find a Realtor whom you really trust and who understands your wants and needs. Listen to your Realtors advice and be really open and honest with what you are looking for. When you put in your home search be really committed and responsive so you can quickly get into your dream home.

How would you describe your dream home?

The location would be in my focus areas which are Studio City and Sherman Oaks. I love an open floor plan and ranch style homes. I would also prefer a luscious garden and am usually into Spanish and Mediterranean style. Yet, most importantly a home has to be cozy and comfortable.

To contact Rita: or schedule a phone appointment by clicking this link!

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