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Front door Feng Shui

positive energy & curb appeal

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice where spatial arrangements and orientations are seen to effect the flow of energy in a home has gained intense popularity in recent years, especially in "free thinking" cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego. Feng Shui for example, directs us where to place furniture, home water features and what colors to consider for particular rooms and living areas. The main point of this practice is to harmonize our space and assist in maintaining our own inner peace. Another benefit of practicing Feng Shui is that it can spark creativity and innovation in home decor planning.

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A crucial element in a home is the "mouth," meaning the front door. This opening is said to be the "entry of Chi" or the portal of energy into a home. In Classical Feng Shui the front door color should be aligned with the direction the door faces and the element that correlates with that direction. Sound confusing? We've provided a break down of the basic color/directions for you below:

East facing door

Element: Wood

Door color: green, brown, blue, black, very light yellow and all earthy colors

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South East facing door

Element: Wood, also associated with money/wealth sector of the home

Door color: greens, browns, blues, blacks and very light yellow/sand

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South facing door

Element: Fire

Door color: red, purple, strong yellow, deep orange, deep pink, green and brown colors

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South West facing door

Element: Earth, also associated with love and marriage

Door color: greens, browns, earth tones and sand, red, purple, deep orange, strong yellow, rich pinks

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West facing door

Element: Metal

Door color: white, gray, light yellow and all earthy/sandy colors

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North West facing door:

Element: Metal, also associated with helpful people and blessings

Door color: white and gray tones, light yellow, earth and sandy colors

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North facing door:

Element: Water

Door color: blue, black, white and gray

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North East facing door:

Element: Earth, also associated with spirituality

Door color: all earthy tones, red, purple, deep orange, yellow and rich pink

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Applying Feng Shui to your front door not only livens the entry for your guests and creates peace in the home, it also adds curb appeal! First impressions are everything when viewing a property and a "wow" factor door can add that needed pop of color to excite the public.

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