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Green Innovations

Home products that simplify & amplify an eco lifestyle

-Eco-living is for everyone-

As a resource-friendly, tech savvy Brokerage we feel it is our duty to keep our clients/friends/family & followers informed on the latest and greatest in eco-living innovations. Whether you're a granola outdoorsman, tech-nerd, fashionista, conservative type, (or anything in-between), eco-products are hitting the shelves geared toward you. Even those living with a budget conscious pocket book can afford eco -products as demand rises with a growing awareness of the state of our planet.

Read below for Earth friendly products you can buy now to improve the efficiency and health of your home:

1. Eartheasy

We love this website for the deep selection of thoughtful, sustainable products they offer. From cookware to bed sheets to pet products- there are options for almost any room in the home. Be sure to read their informative articles on eco-tips and check out their sale section. There are often low priced gems! Our fav product currently sold: This handheld eco shower head.

2. Husqvarna

This robotic automower is the Roomba for the outdoors-allowing you to skip the yard work this weekend. With an ability to work rain or shine and on any terrain, this robot has serious muscle. It also even features a GPS connection so you can check on its whereabouts, or stop and start it from any location with your Smartphone. This bot proves environmentally friendly in that it only requires a small rechargeable battery to run, removing the need for any loud gas powered lawn and garden tools.

3. Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle is a company selling ultra-comfy, sustainable, earth friendly mattresses that receive rave reviews. Why do we mention them here? Because their prices are insanely affordable. Even if on a serious budget you can now buy eco-friendly, healthy, GOOD SLEEP- which is actually priceless.

4. Sink Positive

Sink Positive is nothing new, but many home owners are still not aware of its existence. This product is readily sold in retailers and allows you to retrofit your toilet lid with a sink. Sound gross? The water from the sink comes directly from your water supply line, same as if the sink was on the other end of the bathroom. By doing this you save gallons of water a day by eliminating the need for water in both locations of the bathroom. To add: this is an excellent space saving option and it helps detect leaks. Not sold? The truth is, this adventurous retrofit is not for everyone.

5. People People

This luxe speaker is all the rage with the tech and artsy crowds with its transparent low profile design, wide range of "rich balanced sound," and compatibility with Chromecast Audio dongle and Apples airport express. Its sustainable materials were built to last a lifetime, creating a small footprint on the environment, and all components can be tweaked with an IKEA wrench. Buy yours here, and check out the next streamlined generation here. There's no doubt about it, this speaker is an audible, yet almost invisible conversation piece.

Have questions for our team? Both Holly Sanders and Nicole Marrè with The Avenue HC are certified GREEN REALTORS®. Schedule a free chat with them here!

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