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"Greenify" your home

How plant life attracts health and wealth to your living spaces

Thinking of redecorating, selling your home or simply creating healthier living spaces? Indoor plants may solve all your problems, plus give you that trendy edge.

On this latest episode of Smarter San Diego, host Derrick Evens spoke with Melissa Sofia as well as Stephanie Reed, owner of Eden San Diego about how greenery can bring you health and wealth as well as what plants are most coveted this season.

What plants to buy:

1. Fiddle Leaf Fig

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These beauties can grow up to 9 ft tall and are known for cleaning out allergens in the air as well as as producing a lot of oxygen. Fiddle Leaf Figs are excellent for the bedroom being that they calm you down and assist with breathing at night. In addition, these are perfect for empty space solutions in the home as well as balancing the energy of sloped ceilings or sharp corners in design.

2. Woolly pocket living walls

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There's no doubt that living walls are the trendiest and most impressive plant displays out there. From new construction developments to the latest hipster restaurants, "plant walls are life." These overt displays of greenery may look daunting to install but as Stephanie says from Eden SD, "you simply screw it into the wall." The wall tubs her nursery carries come in white and charcoal and they can also direct you on what plants will fill in fastest. This option is excellent for anyone with kids or dogs that may eat or knock over pots.

3. Prayer plant

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The prayer plant variety is an excellent beginners plant as it only need to be watered once a week. This plant is a joy to have in the home due to its impressive coloring and movement. This beauty received it's name due to the fact that the leaves fold up at night! Spritz with water regularly to add humidity and you will speed up growth.

Other beginners plants to know about: Rattlesnake plant and the Pink passion drassina palm.

4. Split Leaf Philodendron

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Meet one of the "must have" plants on the market: the Split Leaf Philodendron. Everyone seems to love the split shapes in the leaves being that they fill a space with a tropical vibe and can grow a little wild. These deep green plants love indirect but bright sunlight and are also easier to take care of than other varieties.

5. Snake Plant

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The Snake plant is also known by another name: "Mother in Law Tongue" which certainly raises eyebrows. This plant is for those who can't seem to shake their black thumb as it needs minimal love and care to thrive. It also cleans out toxins in the air and soaks in moisture, making it perfect for the bedroom and other spaces of relaxing.

The many ways plants can improve your life:

  • Plants can help you sell your home for more! Everyone knows that pictures pull in the buyers and if a home is filled with living greenery it looks even more attractive, healthy and abundant.
  • Plants are known to improve stress levels. They can also inspire more productivity, creativity and reduce noise levels by acting as barriers. 
  • Moving plants into and around the home changes the energy of your living spaces. If you feel your home needs to be spruced up, don't spend your money on new furniture and textiles, add plant life.
  • Plants remove harsh chemicals from your living spaces. This includes harmful toxins from cleaning supplies, paint, mattresses and even new furniture.

If you need assistance purchasing and displaying new greenery in your home be sure to contact our favorite nursery in San Diego: Eden SD. Ask for Stephanie Reed and she will guide you with her expertise.

If you have any questions about the real estate market or how to sell your home for the most value, schedule a free chat with us. We would love to hear from you!

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