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5 reasons why 1970's decor is hip at home again

1970's nostalgia has been "in" for quite some time but now we're seeing mainstream home decor trends offering bold interpretations of our favorite "far out" decade.

✌️Below we've listed the most popular decor trends with 1970's undertones:

1. Warm color scheme

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Warm, soft, and rich tones create a picturesque, vintage feel for every room of the home this year. Think soft buttery leather couches, yellow and orange textiles and brass or gold accents.

2. Geometric decor

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There's no doubt we have been witnessing geometric everything for quite a few seasons. However, this year the trend is magnified in a huge way. Think geometric pops of color, contrasting prints and even wall and ceiling treatments.

3. Velvet furnishings

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Just when you think velvet couldn't become more popular- it's here in every Pinterest home interiors photo you come across. This time around we are showcasing pops of brights and jewel tones in this soft, plush material.

4. Fringe details

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Boho decor is offering us more whimsy this year with an ode to the 70's with fringe and other dreamy materials. Think: fringe chandeliers, fringe bedding, fringe wall hangings and even fringed furniture.

5. Vintage inspired wallpaper

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Wallpaper has only become more playful, colorful and enchanting this year with florals, geometric patterns, (another 70's throwback), animals and and even magical creatures.

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