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Haute for the Holidays

holiday decor trends for 2019

With the holiday season just a couple of weeks away, the time for cheerful decorating is upon us. We know it's easy to fall into the same pattern of pulling out old boxes and hanging the same wreaths, but this year it's time to try something new.

Thankfully, the holiday decor trends for 2019 offers us a fresh, modern, and reductionist take on the often garish look of merriment, which is a welcome change.

Our hope is that this post will inspire our readers to think "outside the box" with festive interiors this year, inspiring family, friends, and community.

Keep reading to discover our top 5 innovative ideas to design your own seasonal atmosphere!

1. Heavy metal

We've seen silver and gold before, but this year offers us an exciting take on the metallic trend, with oxidized iron, rust, and patina hues. Instead of thinking of metallics as a luxury element, use them as a distressed look--establishing a modern mood.

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2. Eco-Minimalism

Last year we saw the popularity for eco-friendly holiday decor, surge. This year it's no different, but we see a push toward reductionistic mindfulness. This means purchase less, reinvent what you have, use no plastic, and make a statement out of doing so. Examples of this could be: using branches from your own yard tied with twine for a wall hanging. stack logs of wood for a natural and warm art piece, and source faux fur rugs and pillows that can be reused every year. Think natural, organic, and clean.

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3. Get Moody

This year we saw a lot of dark and moody hues in wall paint colors and even kitchen cabinets. This dark and stormy trend has spread into the holiday scene as well. Instead of bright red and green, we are enjoying the use of dark grey, navy blue, and dark, opulent emerald come into play. The best way to keep this trend balanced is by adding elements of bright, metallic and joyful materials.

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4. Natural and organic

With minimalistic and sustainable decorating in mind, it only makes sense that we see more organic textures, shapes, and materials being used for holiday festivities. The rule here is to only use products and items that are completely natural, as in wood, organic fibers, fresh greenery, stone, and glass.

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5. Ultra-modern

Sleek and refined is where it's at this year, with geometric shapes highlighted throughout. Wreaths have been reduced to simple metal circles encircled with lights, while evergreen trees are adorned with the most rudimentary squares, triangles, and ovals. Keep it chic, keep it sleek.

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