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5 easy methods to create an anxiety free home

In our fast paced world of constant stimulation, technology, hectic schedules, and priorities, it's no surprise the the United States is experiencing a major epidemic of anxiety. Approximately 40 million adults are effected by different types of anxiety each year and that number is consistently growing.

So, why are we talking about this on The Avenue blog??

In the last decade there has been countless studies published that have revealed the massive impact our environment, and namely interior design have on our emotional state.

After a long work day it's important that we as human beings have a sanctuary to find relaxation in to recuperate and support our mental and emotional well-being. While we won't dive into the wealth of research on this particular blog, we do offer you: 5 EASY methods for creating a stress-free atmosphere at your home.

1. Lighting

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Lighting has a significant impact upon human productivity, mood, and mental health. Human beings benefit greatly from some sunlight, and with the creature comforts we now enjoy in modern society, our connection to natural light has been diminished. Artificial light certainly serves its purpose, but natural light is crucial for our happiness. Taking advantage of natural light, specifically morning sunlight, can greatly improve overall well-being, and is curative for anxiety and stress. If you reside in darker living quarters and have the capabilities, adding skylights, or solar tubes are excellent options. If you have window coverings or drapes, make sure you are opening them up and allowing sunlight to enter your environment. Lastly, if you are moving or looking for a new home, make sure you consider the light when making a final decision. It can change the way you feel every day!

2. Curb Appeal

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This may surprise you, but the curb appeal of you home plays a major role in living a stress-free lifestyle. The front landscape and presentation of a house communicates a first impression to you and anyone visiting. This first impression is the vibe that you carry into the home, which then colors the experience of being a resident or guest there. In Feng Shui, attending to the front of the home is the best way to ensure healthy energy is invited into the property. If you are constantly driving up to a home that appears to be in disarray, anxiety at a subconscious level will be with you every time you come home. Create sanctuary curb appeal and you will be able to relax as soon as you pull into the driveway.

3. Plants

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Houseplants are not only visually lovely, they also can greatly improve your health. Many studies on plants show that they uplift mood, reduce stress, and will also remove up to 87% of toxins in the air in just 24 hours. By removing toxins from our environment we are also decreasing the environmental stressors on our bodies, which then lessens anxiety. Plants also remind us of who we are and that we are intrinsically linked to Mother Nature. If you fear you have a black thumb, start with hearty varieties like spider plants, aloe, or even herbs like rosemary.

4. Back support

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We all know chairs and couches with good back support are going to be more comfortable overall, but did you know that supportive furniture can greatly reduce stress and anxiety? There is a strong cyclical connection between pain and mood, but even more than that, we innately need our backs supported to feel at ease. As hunter gatherers in nature, stone-age human beings slept with a cave, tree, or safe space behind them so they could always be on the lookout. These instincts are still very much alive within us! Read more about this here and consider this if you're buying new furniture.

5. Don't procrastinate

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If you care about your mental health you're going to have to stop procrastinating at home. How can you relax if when you walk in the door all you see are unfinished projects? A home should be an oasis where you rest and restore. Even if you aren't consciously stressed from seeing clutter and items needing repairs, your subconscious certainly is. An excellent way to reduce anxiety at home is to attack your to-do list little by little. If you can't attend to everything due to a hectic schedule, do your best to move projects out of sight until you can work through them. A home should be the place where you feel liberated!

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