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Life hacks for Adulting

From the set of Smarter San Diego, broker/owner Melissa Sofia shares invaluable tips for creating balance in work/life... & play 

With 3 small children, an Italian husband and a flourishing brokerage of 8 diverse agents its a wonder broker/owner of The Avenue Home Collective, Melissa Sofia, manages any sort of work/life balance- and yet she's an expert at it.

That's why Smarter San Diego made a segment just about her life philosophies. Everyone wants to know how she gets it all done and somehow infuses it all with fun. They don't call her "Little Miss Sunshine" for nothing.

Melissa's 5 tips for living your best life:

1. Before anything, find out who you are

What is important to you? What are your life goals? Decide what is important to you and what you really want out of life. We are all different! Once you know, look at why your life goals fuel you and let that motivate you and guide ALL your decisions. Align everything you do with your life goals. Don't wait to do this tomorrow- do it today.

2. Incorporate all three areas of your life-Work, family & play

Why go to work just to work? Make a career out of what makes you happy so you are inspired to "live your work." Also, know what is important to you (see #1) in your work flow as well as life and incorporate that into your day, every day. Work can have elements of play in it, there is no need for it to be dull. Also, don't subscribe to the notion that you have to work for 20 more years to then retire and finally have fun. Have fun and make time for your family now! It's not just about "work life balance" it should be "work life integration" so you can sustain a level of happiness.  Don't live life for the future, live it for today.

3. Establish a mindset

You have to make a deliberate choice on what your mindset is in life and stay true to that. Your life will change just by living from a place of hope rather than fear. Do not let fear control your life and feel that you have to live life the way everyone else is. Make time for the things that you love and allow that to breath joy into everything that you do. If you are happy, you attract the people and the situations you want towards you. Be the energy that you want reflected back to you.

4. Increase efficiency

If you want to live a life of balance you have to be an expert at efficiency. Constantly make lists and hold yourself to a calendar. Fit everything in that you can when you can, and prioritize what is most important to you. If making breakfast for your family is important to you, do that and don't let your schedule take that away from you. Set parameters! If life feels like a trap you have not prioritized correctly and need more boundaries. Don't answer all your texts and calls as they come in- schedule a time when you can answer others. Subscribe to using tools like so you can manage your appointments and meetings with ease.

5. Make yourself a priority

Make this your mantra: "I believe in vacations." In the U.S. we place much more importance on work than leisure, but this is not a way to sustain a happy life. Take time for yourself so you can be your best self for others. Schedule a getaway every quarter and refresh. Your vacation doesn't have to be elaborate, make it a staycation if you want! If you make time for yourself to play, your home and work life will absolutely benefit.

Want to know more about Melissa's life philosophies? Schedule a quick chat with her using Calendly. See what we did there? #littlemisssunshine #lifehack

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