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Marie Kondo & Real Estate

how to use the KonMari method to sell your home with ease

In 2014 Marie Kondo published the New York Times best seller, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This year she came out with a Netflix series based on the book. Now this decluttering and organizing craze is sweeping the nation and we as realtors, LOVE it! That's why Melissa Sofia and Holly Sanders of The Avenue Home Collective chose this topic to discuss on the set of Smarter San Diego.

So what is the KonMari method?

This tidying method created by Marie Kondo is all centered around the principle of, "Does it spark joy?" She guides homeowners to declutter and rid themselves of items that don't fulfill them.

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A quick summary of her decluttering strategy, in order:

1. First we declutter clothing because it is typically the easiest to make decisions about. When decluttering she stresses the importance of putting every item that belongs in a category in a pile to sort through. Leave no item out! Hold each article of clothing in your arms and ask if it sparks joy. If it does not, thank it and donate it. If it does spark joy, keep it. It's that simple. Marie also teaches us how to fold clothes to be much more efficient and organized.

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2. Second is books. Take all the books in the home and put them in a pile. Ask each book if it sparks joy and donate those that don't. When putting books back on the shelf make sure they are not shoved in haphazardly. Give each book the space it deserves.

3. Third is papers. This can be a tricky one! Paperwork often clutters up offices, mudrooms and other living spaces, and it is hard to know what to keep and what to throw away. Halt newspaper and magazine subscriptions that don't spark joy. Try to go paperless with financial institutions and ask that credit card offers be stopped. Next, make separate piles for bills, junk mail and important documents. Never throw junk mail in the trash, always shred papers.

4. Next is "Komono" or Miscellaneous. This includes decluttering your kitchen, bathrooms, office, garage, bedrooms etc. Give yourself time to sort through things thoughtfully, and never put things away until you have sorted through the entire category or pile.

5. Sentimental items are last. By this time you have hopefully become sensitive to what sparks joy in your life. This way you will have an easier time letting go of sentimental items that no longer serve you. Marie asks that you give yourself the time and space to move through this last bit of tidying as it is the hardest.

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So how does this sell a home faster and for more value?

Decluttering a home is always going to show better than a home that is overfilled with items that belong to the current home owner. When someone is walking through a home they want to be able to imagine themselves living there easily. A tidy home also sells for more money because it communicates that the current owner has a pride of ownership. On a metaphysical/Marie Kondo level, a home that has less baggage will more easily transition into someone else's hands.

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