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Giving mothers the break they all deserve

"We are expected to mother like we don't work, and work like we don't mother."

-Melissa Sofia

Earlier this month Melissa Sofia was a guest on Smarter San Diego with host Bryan Garrity. In this fun and captivating episode, Melissa shared what inspired her to create Momcation + revealed some exciting news about what's to come!

The inspiration behind Momcation:

Not only is Melissa Sofia broker/owner of The Avenue Home Collective, she is also a wife, and a mother to 4 kids under 10 years old! Needless to say Melissa is a very busy woman and has had to perfect the art of time management in order to survive and thrive in all aspects of life. During the last decade, Melissa has built a successful brokerage while mothering her kids full time, and it certainly hasn't been easy. Over the years she has noticed how moms around her tend to run themselves into the ground because they put everyones else's needs in front of their own, and they often don't know how to advocate for themselves.

While Melissa doesn't claim to have perfected the art of being a working mama, she has implemented impactful methods and daily habits that help her excel and maintain personal sanity. Her passion to help other mama's in her community do the same + losing her mother at a young age due to burnout is what inspired Melissa to create such a powerful opportunity for mothers everywhere.

What Momcation entails:

Momcation is more than just a girls trip, the weekend has been designed to help mothers leave the getaway feeling empowered and rejuvenated in mind, body, and spirit.

This dynamic retreat takes place at a gorgeous property in the healthy community of La Jolla, CA, where only 15 women are to join at once, keeping the retreat intimate and heartfelt. The grounds of the home whisk you away into an atmosphere of serenity and refinement. With chef's providing substantial, fulfilling nourishment all weekend long, you truly feel you are experiencing resort living. Several terraced areas on the property create environments for yoga, meditation, ceremony, and socializing. The daytime schedule is full of life-changing workshops by experts that coach moms on an array of subjects, such as: how to strengthen marriage after motherhood, body positivity, and creating innovative screen-free playtime for kids. FYI: These workshops were designed to give mothers a productive reason to justify stepping away from their families. The pool and spa serve as areas for daytime relaxation but also become the center point for nighttime soiree's where the wine , (sponsored by BABE) and cocktails flow freely. With live musicians, a DJ, and an epic karaoke set-up, the evenings are surely unforgettable. In addition to all this, mamas are invited to indulge in the ultimate self-care happy hour, with professional hairstylists, a make-up tutorial with a Laura Mercier rep, several pop-up boutiques for shopping, and self-love head shots by a pro photographer.

See more about the weekend here.

What's ahead for Momcation:

The first Momcation retreat that took place this spring was such a resounding success that Melissa now has an over flowing roster of mamas eager to sign up for the next one! She is currently planning multiple weekends in September and October of this year which will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

For more information about Momcation schedule a free chat with Melissa here, or email:

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