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Melissa Sofia & Shiloh Reed on Smarter San Diego Productions

This month, moms Melissa Sofia and Shiloh Reed appeared on Smarter San Diego Productions to share how they manage motherhood while running households and successful businesses.

Melissa is raising 4 young children while being the broker/owner of The Avenue Home Collective and is in the top 5% of Realtors in San Diego county, while Shiloh raises 3 children of her own and runs a thriving photography business that has her in constant demand with bookings of personal as well as corporate clients. Somehow both of these women seem to enjoy a balanced lifestyle of family, work play.

How do they do it all?

Read below for the highlights from their FB Live interview:

What is a Mompreneur?

A Mompreneur is someone who runs her own business while caring for her young children. She has made multitasking an art, knows the value of planning, and practices endless resilience and ingenuity. Being a Mompreneur also means you are always a mom first, and a business woman second.

Additionally, work-life balance in 24 hours is a fairytale. Even though you can always aspire to achieve that balance, a Mompreneur knows this is unrealistic day by day. Some days mean giving more energy to your children, and sometimes work is going to crush you with responsibilities. The trick is to take it one day at a time while forging a clear path that aligns with your overall goals in life.

Tips to achieving Mompreneur success


Mompreneurs know how to take control of the conversations happening in their head. You need a lot of support to run a business and a family! Your thoughts should ideally keep you motivated and it is very important to UNDERSTAND YOUR WHY. Meaning: Why is it that you want to achieve so much? What is it you are ultimately striving for? If you know the answer to that, you may realize your path and responsibilities can be streamlined.

Try writing down goals for both your family and business this year. Write down your WHY and what it will mean for you if you achieve your proposed goals. When you are satisfied, read them as a daily reminder. There is a lot of power in this action and it will revitalize you when you are feeling unfocused, which can happen as a Mom!


This is so important! Unpack your goals into a to-do list so you know what you have to do every month/week and every day to achieve those items. Then, plug those into your schedule to make it a reality. By doing this you create an Action Plan to get you and your family to where you want to go.

Every night look at your Action Plan so you can focus on moving both your business and family forward. Take a few minutes to hone in on the most important tasks you need to do the following day and make sure everything you need to do has a place in your schedule. This 2-minute activity ensures you are always prepared for the upcoming day.


Eliminate wasted time. Use the Instant Pot, order groceries on delivery, hire a mothers helper to fold your laundry! Women expect themselves to do it all, but there is nothing wrong with using Amazon Prime, Roomba, Google Calendar, or Calendly. Do your research to know what apps and technology would best serve you and let go of that mommy guilt.


Set boundaries so you can honor your schedule. If someone calls you during family time, let it go to voicemail and get back to it at a scheduled time for phone calls. Answer texts at a designated time, not as they come in. Be vigilant and ruthless about when to say yes and when to say no.

Schedule your work from home for your most "hand free" moments - when you set the children up with an activity that will keep them quiet and busy.


We are expected to work like we don't mother and mother like we don't work- which isn't right or fair. We need to support each other and create a culture of understanding. Be realistic, if you cant do everything in one day, it's really ok! Be proud of what you achieve and don't forget to enjoy the small wins that every day offers.

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