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Non-Profit Spotlight: NoSilence NoViolence

Spreading Awareness and Providing Support for Victims of Domestic Violence

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As the outset of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Melissa Sofia invites Jessica Yaffa to join her on Smarter San Diego to discuss her non-profit organization – NoSilence NoViolence. (Watch the video below)

As we embark on Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Melissa Sofia couldn’t think of a better guest to bring on Smarter San Diego than Jessica Yaffa, President of NoSilence NoViolence. This organization is one that is near and dear to Melissa’s heart – she has cherished the opportunity to be involved with an organization as meaningful and honest this one.

Many people may not have easily associated October with Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This may be because without being directly affected by domestic violence yourself, it is easy to dismiss this month as inapplicable or irrelevant to your life. However, Jessica explains that 1 in 3 of us are affected by domestic violence at some point in our life. This fact is pivotal for our guest speaker and President of NoSilence NoViolence.

One of the driving forces behind the creation of this non-profit organization is to demystify the common misconceptions around the number of people that domestic violence affects as well as the kind of person it affects. In correcting these misconceptions by spreading awareness regarding the truth of domestic violence, Jessica hopes to eliminate the violence that is further perpetuated by public judgment and condemnation.

“1 in 3 of us are affected by domestic violence at some point in our life [...] when you think about that in your own sort of community whether it be your friends, your families, your co-workers and begin to sort of count the number of people that that means are affected really, we could be talking to anybody at any given time that is a survivor.” - Jessica Yaffa

Jessica explains that the mission of NSNV is two fold: first, it is focused on prevention and education for the reasons explain above and second, it endeavors to provide support to victims of domestic violence. The type of support they provide comes in all shapes and sizes, from support groups to food and shelter.

If you or anyone you know is in need of support in any way, please do not hesitate to contact NoSilence NoViolence.

Unlike other non-profit organizations that are heavily supported and driven by the government, NSNV is able to offer support to victims that are usually denied by other organizations.

The Avenue Home Collective is thrilled to have the opportunity to support NoSilence NoViolence. Learn more information about how to receive or offer support here. Additionally, be sure to check out their upcoming event – Prosperi-TEA. NoSilence NoViolence is hosting a unique spin on the traditional silent auction as they invite us to come join them for an afternoon tea. Watch Melissa and Jessica on Smarter San Diego to learn more about Jessica’s story and the truly, life changing organization she founded.

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