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What's going on in the market right now?

Thursday, Jan. 19th. 2017

The number of homes for sale has dropped over 25% in just a couple months.

  • NOVEMBER: 6,300
  • DECEMBER: 5,100
  • RIGHT NOW: 4, 690 

What does this mean?

The house inventory is low. When there are fewer homes on the market, there is more competition to buy the homes that ARE for sale. Which means the best homes that are priced correctly are getting multiple offers.

As a buyer, what should I do?

  1. Have an agent who knows how to write offers that will beat out all of the others.  A great agent will make small changes to your offer that customize it to the needs of the seller and think of creative ways to make your offer more attractive than all the others.
  2.  Like the girl scouts say BE PREPARED. Act now, get your finances in order and get that pre-approval.  There is no point to going to open houses and looking at homes if you do not have a pre-approval in hand right now. 

If you are ready to sell in this great market or if you want to beat the interest and buy now, give us a call! We'll hook you up with an awesome lender, and get you pre-approved today.

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