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Real Estate Sweet Spots-LA edition

Our Los Angeles team tells us whats happening in LaLa Land

Either you love it or you hate it, but no one will deny Los Angeles is HOT- with millennials pushing the city's population to over 4 million last year.

With a highly competitive, (sometimes ruthless) real estate market it takes a savvy real estate agent to show you where to look, and know what secret neighborhood pockets are actually a smart long term investment.

Below we list our top LA neighborhoods for 2017:

1. Glassell Park/Cypress Park

These two neighborhoods are right near downtown LA and current trendy areas like Highland Park and Atwater Village. A common hang out for LA's hipster scene, this Northeast area attracts home renovators and those looking for "hidden gem" properties to be restored. Zillow announced that Cypress Park should spike by 8% by the end of the year, and get this-you can still find craftsman and Spanish style homes in the $500,000-$600,000 range. Thats a super steal compared to adjacent neighborhoods. Get it while its hot!

2. West Adams

This up and coming neighborhood has been gaining popularity for about a year now and is highly competitive. Yet, you can still snag a steal if you have the right team behind you. West Adams sits right between Culver City and Jefferson Park making its location highly desirable. With craftsman architecture and a hint of that old Hollywood charm, this area is the (whisper) of the town- yet the price tag remains to reflect that. You can still get into a home for around $600,000, but don't wait to make a move- West Adams will be an A list star before you know it.

3. North Hollywood

When we say North Hollywood we especially mean to highlight the streets North of Burbank Blvd. Now, purchasing a home in this area currently takes some imagination, but if you want to gain equity on your home in the coming years, THIS is the place. With massive development projects in the works like NoHo West and NoHo Wave  this area is soon to see a full make over- and those that own properties before hand will be stoked. Home flippers have already caught onto this which means brand new remodels are popping up in funky neighborhoods, but of course if you have the patience and creativity, remodeling yourself is your best bet. You can still find a home in North Noho for around $500,000 and newly remodeled for under $650,000.

Are you looking for an experienced and knowledgeable Los Angeles Realtor? Schedule a free phone call with our fabulous LA team- Nicole Marrè & Rita Kealey

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