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Making your home Smarter

80 million Smart Home devices were installed in 2016 and that number is quickly growing. It's very apparent that this is not a trend, it's a lifestyle that will soon be embraced by all.

That's why this week broker/owner Melissa Sofia of The Avenue Home Collective hosted an informative episode of "Ask me Anything," discussing the latest in Smart Home Technology. Guests on the show included, Ian Hoey, Realtor with The Avenue Home Collective, Ryan Turner with Sun Run- a Solar Power company looking to innovate the industry with Smart Home Tech, and Elijah Nicolas, a SoCal blogger and technology enthusiast.

Read below to catch the most important highlights of the show:

  • What does it mean to make your home "Smart?" 

A Smart Home is a home that allows you to control the environment from the comfort of your own Smart phone, tablet or computer. This could include lighting, temperature, entertainment systems , appliances and more.

  • What is the most popular Smart Home item? 

A "hub" is the most popular and said to be the most important Smart Home item. This is because it connects all your Smart Devices together and learns the language of each different application. Examples of hubs include: the Sumsung SmartThings Smart Home Hub and the Philips Hue Smart Bridge.

  • Why are Smart Home features beneficial for Real Estate?

Smart Home features will give a buyer more equity in their home purchase. It's also a great marketing tool for listings and some buyers will purchase a property just based on their Smart Home technologies. Millennials are the new wave of home ownership and statistics have already shown Smart Home features are very important to them because they value security, privacy and home efficiency more than past generations of homeowners.

  • What are the most important Smart Home devices for home equity?

A Smart thermostat like Nest is highly coveted. Smart garage doors and keyless entry are also very attractive. The latter is a device that senses when you will be arriving home. This feature will automatically open your garage and can even link up all the other devices in the home to prepare for your arrival. Also important are Smart lighting applications like Philips Hue and Smart appliances like the Samsung Family hub.

  • What new innovations are currently happening with Solar Panels?

Smart Home batteries are now available to link to the power grid of a property and work very well with Solar Panels. Surplus Solar energy can be stored in a home battery device so that even when the Solar panels kick off you can still run on efficient, clean energy.

  • What if I know nothing about Smart Home technology but want to make my home a Smart Home?

Amazon now offers a free Smart Home consultation where they will visit your home to discover what you actually want and need for your lifestyle. They will then send the products to your home and for a fee, install them for you! Click this link to find out more.

Have questions about Smart Home Technology or the current happenings in the Real Estate market? Schedule a free phone consultation with Melissa and she would be happy to chat!

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