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The new wave in Real Estate and what you need to know

Being an early adopter in Real Estate trends and the first to know about market shifts is what The Avenue Home Collective is all about. That's why broker/owner Melissa Sofia discussed the brand new site on the latest episode of

Real Estate | Right Now.

This just in: is a brand new site that was created by Zillow. This exciting platform is specifically geared towards Millenials. Why? Millennials are beginning to have major purchasing power in home buying and their overall attitude toward the process of buying/selling real estate is much different than the generations before them. You will notice when browsing that the "voice" of is lighthearted, authentic and up front.

Keep in mind, this site is a great "first step" website to get a realistic idea on what first time home buyers should be looking for. The next steps will be:

2. To meet with a qualified lender to receive official pre-approval. We highly recommend Sean Cahan.

3. To work with an Avenue HC agent to negotiate the best deal for you and walk you through the transaction.

Top 4 reasons why we like for our clients:

1. All in one pricing. This website allows you to search for homes based on budget. All you need to know is what amount you want to spend per month and what your down payment will be.

2. Clear cut homes for sale. This website doesn't show you "pre foreclosures" or home that may or may not go on the market. Meaning, what you see is what you can really buy. No confusion here.

3. An explanation of jargon. There are informative glossaries of terms and cute videos to more clearly describe the process of buying and selling homes. Millennials are looking for simplification and this site is aiming to do just that.

4. VA guides. A VA loan is a mortgage loan guaranteed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. There can be a lot of confusion about these loans for first time home buyers and this site offers clear information about what to expect. is a great website if you want to dip your toes into the home buying waters and we understand their mission because it correlates with ours. You will need to work with an agent who has these values once you are informed on your buying power. Our brokerage simplifies the home buying process, while educating our clients and being champions for innovation. So, don't let an old school agent represent you when making the biggest purchase of your life! 

Have additional questions about the real estate market? Schedule a free call with Melissa, she is always there to fill you in on the latest.

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