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Rick Edu

Realtor with The Avenue Home Collective serving San Diego, CA

At The Avenue we truly have the best Realtors in SoCal! Today we are excited to highlight Rick Edu who proves again and again that he is an elite in this competitive industry. His clients are consistently impressed with his service and we feel lucky to have him with us. 🌴👌

Read below for Ricks bio:

Rick Edu is a real estate professional that his clients always remember. Growing up in San Diego and being surrounded by a large family, Rick was always taught to value and respect the people around him. This is the reason why Rick treats his clients like his own family and always has their best interests in mind.

With an MBA and professional experience in Cost Analysis, he understands economic trends, the housing market, and expertly negotiates and secures the best deals. Rick’s background gives him a unique edge in today’s competitive market. Clients choose Rick because he is honest, a creative problem solver, and always has a positive attitude. He is dedicated to his clients and makes sure he is with them every step of the way.

Contact Rick today for all your real estate needs-

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