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The next abstract shape in the home interiors scene

Home interior trends favor abstract shapes from season to season, with some shapes and patterns lasting years if loved enough. One perfect example is the chevron. This zig-zag design took the world by storm back in 2009, and a full decade later we're still seeing chevron shower curtains, sheets, and dishware grace the shelves at major home goods stores. Yet, as is inevitable, the world is ready for something new and fresh.

So what's shaping up on the home decor scene now?

~ The Squiggle ~

If you're confused, you're not alone. The squiggle is certainly a more adventurous, playful, and wacky shape to hold and behold, but it's not the first time this curvy line has come around. Just like everything, trends are cyclical, and the 1980's certainly offered up some epic squiggle. Yet, instead of looking back we're here to take you forward.

Scroll down to see how to do the squiggle in 2019

1. Wall art

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This incredible wall art is heat-treated wood that is then bent within seconds to create a unique, one-of-a-kind design. The squiggle is perfect in the medium of wood being that it's organic, languid, and more natural than defined shapes are. Definitely expect to see more squiggly wall art in the coming months.

2. Furniture

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We really meant it when we said the squiggle will soon be found everywhere. Dressers, tables, couches, and even beds are featuring the soft curvature of this whimsical shape. The squiggle certainly adds a retro, sometimes mod aesthetic to otherwise basic pieces.

3. Wallpaper

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The squiggle is the perfect shape for the current wallpaper craze-- offering a twist on the chevron. This particular squiggle, (pictured) incorporates a nautical vibe, designed by Vivienne Westwood.

4. Lighting

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Squiggle lamps are just starting to hit the selves and we feel this design is not for the faint of heart. They can be found in metallics but also bright colors, adding an element of kitsch to this already artistic lighting choice.

Think the squiggle trend isn't for you? You may be surprised at how chic it can look in the right setting! This trend may feel silly to some, but you have to admit it's nice to have something daring to look at in home decor.

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