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Empowered females make their mark on home ownership

There's no doubt about it, gender equality and female empowerment is a paramount movement in our culture today and with that a greater percentage home owners are now female.

Did you know? Single women account for 17% of home buyers in the U.S., vs. 11% of single men, and are the second largest group of home buyers right behind married couples?

To add to this, 45% of Millennial women are enrolled in college currently, vs. 38% of men. Statistically there is a strong link between college education and home ownership. With a substantial decrease in couples running to the alter, single female home ownership is predicted to only significantly increase.

The average age of single female home buyers is 32, proving that stereotypes surrounding females are no longer valid. Research shows us women are embracing living alone more than men and are consciously intending to make wise investments for themselves and the future.

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As a reflection of the female empowerment movement, home trends are shifting as well. One prevalent example of this is the rising popularity of "She Sheds," the female counterpart to the Man Cave. A She Shed is a sacred space that serves as a mini retreat for a woman to unplug in peace, undisturbed by others, where she can express her interests or just relax.

Below we give you a collection of our favorite "She Sheds" featured on

Impeccably decorated She Shed sunroom

Treehouse She Shed that sleeps under the stars

Minimalists She Shed for rest and rejuvenation

Luxe garden She Shed

Seaside She Shed

She Shed craft retreat

Tropical bungalow She Shed

While all of this is fantastic news for gender equality there is still work to do. Statistically female owned homes are valued at 10% lower than male owned homes and appreciate at a 16% slower rate. Yet, with growing awareness and more females investing in the marketplace, we can hope these variances will decrease in years to come.

Statistics from Bloomberg and RealtorMag.

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