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Small Space Hacks

Tips and tricks for maximizing your homes potential

With minimalist lifestyles growing in trend, it's suddenly chic to make the most out of every inch of a home rather than upsize.

However, living paired down isn't as simple as it looks on 'Tiny House Hunters.' Truth is, it takes finesse and smart design elements to create a stylish living space out of what might have seemed impossible. Not sure where to begin?

Below we list our fav tips for space saving:

1. Mirrors

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Mirrors are an excellent way to add the illusion of dimension to any space, no matter how small. Mirrored closets in particular are perfect for creating depth while also providing storage function.

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Stand up mirrors provide utility as well as visual interest, especially in reflecting colorful environments.

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Studio apartments gain most from this mirror trick, especially when large mirrors are placed firm on walls to create more floor space.

2. Float

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Floating shelves provide a place for all your books and pretty things while leaving valuable space for other items in tight rooms. Using floating shelves in corners offers the most in space saving with this method.

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Metal shelves create an industrial look while looking less bulky than traditional wood styles.

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Not enough room for a desk in your home? A floating desk and shelves can clear up more space than you think- even providing enough leg room for two.

3. Lucite

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Lucite furniture is the best material to keep a space light and bright. Even if you have minimal square footage to work with, you can literally see through lucite so the environment seems open and spacious.

One of our fav lucite options are bar stools. Not only do they keep a small kitchen/dining area feeling airy, they also look fashionable to sit in.

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Lucite side tables are the perfect solution for displaying your most extravagant items as they appear to be floating in air.

4. Hanging furniture

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Speaking of floating, hanging side tables appear modern, innovative and whimsical in home decor, and they save major space by providing only a surface to set things on.

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A swing floating nightstand will not only save room but will definitely be a conversation starter for any house guest.

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Recycled palettes as hanging shelves create a perfectly rustic look while also being eco friendly.

5. Monochrome

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Remember that maximalist trend we've been talking about all year? A small room is typically not the time for it. To maximize a tiny rooms potential, keep your hue's simple and light.

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A simple color palette without many contrasting hues makes it easier to take in an entire room at once, making it appear larger to the eye.

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Blush and grey accent colors tend to compliment neutral tones in a small spaces best. Plus, blush is the "new neutral" this season.

One more space saving idea before you go:

Savvy & chic puppy bedroom

Have questions about space saving tips or what size home you can afford? Schedule a free chat with Avenue Realtor Nicole Marrè.

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