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Space Clearing

why this ancient practice is needed more than ever

As the mystical world of crystals, tarot cards, and vibrational healing grows in popularity, we are also seeing an uprise in energetic based home services.

Offerings such as feng shui, vastu, and even land blessings are becoming more prevalent in real estate transactions in SoCal. However, the most requested service is, by far: space clearing.

To really understand what space clearing is, and how it works, we spoke with Avenue realtor and feng shui consultant Nicole Marrè, to shed some light on this practice.

A: What exactly is space clearing?

N: Space clearing is an energetic cleansing of an environment- usually a home or business. This service clears away old, stagnant, or undesirable energy, and creates fresh space for the new. I like to say that space clearing is like the energetic healing practice of reiki, but for the outer environment we interact with. We do know through countless research studies that our atmosphere has a profound effect on our inner well-being. Space clearing addresses this truth on a vibrational level and provides an opportunity to establish whole health not just within, but also without.

A: For what reason do clients usually reach out to you for this?

N: I receive requests for many different scenarios. Sometimes a Realtor will ask that I clear away the energy of previous home owners in order to sell a home more quickly. Other times clients are moving into a new space and they can't seem to shake the feeling of what was left behind. Oftentimes a person will reach out and say that they have felt negative energy in the home for many years and believe it is effecting other areas of their life.

A: What does the space clearing process entail?

N: Space clearing is an ancient practice that many indigenous cultures have displayed in ceremony. My personal style of clearing encompasses methods from several different eras and parts of the world, and every clearing I do is a little bit different depending on the needs of the client.

Generally, my process includes talking with the client to discover their unique personality and what they are seeking. At the time of the clearing I will always set intentions with them, and I usually have them step away from the cleansing itself. I use all of the elements to clear the space: earth, air, water, fire, and also sound/vibration. I will work longer with certain areas of the home or land that require it. At the end I will typically leave some elements in the home for a week or two, and give the client materials for energetic hygiene of the space in the future. There is always a home or business blessing and a celebration at the conclusion, with the client.

A: What benefits can be expected from a clearing?

Because every clearing is unique, the results also vary. Most clients report the home/business feeling more uplifting and inspiring. Others have reported blockages being removed in communication with others or in their career. Space clearing removes unwanted energetic debris so everything from romantic relationships to creativity can be positively effected. Every once in a while a clearing will create a BIG shift in someone's life, which can be a shock at first! But these results will coax us into the next chapter of our lives, encouraging transformation. Space clearing is something that should only be done when one is ready for positive change!

A: Anything else we should know about space clearing?

It's important that the public knows that space clearing is not religious. I get that question sometimes! This is a very practical art that will only create more health and wellness in living spaces. Space clearing compliments real estate and feng shui beautifully, and is an excellent idea to use when buying or selling a home. Real estate clients often talk about the "vibes" of a property, and space clearing uplifts any atmosphere to its highest potential.

If you're seeking more information about space clearing, feng shui, or holistic real estate, contact The Avenue Home Collective Realtor Nicole Marrè at:

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