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The best of both worlds

Why South Escondido is a dreamy place to live

Last week Melissa Sofia was a guest on Smarter San Diego discussing all things "South Esco." She revealed why this location of San Diego county may be many people's DREAM location + a smart investment.

Wondering why this area is so great?

You're not alone. Most people don't know what South Escondido has to offer or what to expect in this developing community.

In case you missed the FB live footage we summarized the highlights below:

1. South Escondido is the best of both worlds

San Diego is quite the busy metropolitan city with beautiful but crowded beach communities and growing concrete jungles. To get out into pure nature most people feel they have to drive out of the county where a daily commute wouldn't be feasible. South Escondido is one of the only places where one can access raw nature, fresh air, and own a large lot size while still being very close to San Diego proper. You can have both wide open spaces and access to city life!

2. Education

A common negative stigma about Escondido is that it has a bad school system. Many young families are turned off by this rumor and it is actually untrue! The elementary and charter schools in this area are rated 10 and are excellent. While the middle and high schools aren't rated as highly, there is great demand for this to be remedied. Master planned communities like Harmony Grove are requiring that Escondido uplift the upper grade school system or create new schools. It is only a matter of time before this happens.

3. Wine + shopping, need we say more?!

Even though South Escondido feels like it is out in the middle of nowhere, it is far from. North County Fair mall has been going through a face lift and features mid-to-high-end retailers like Nordstrom's. In addition, Orfila Winery is also in the neighborhood! This winery is on 70 gorgeous acres of beautifully cultivated land and is only 5 minutes from the mall! Orfila has been on this acreage since 1993, growing and importing CA grapes for their bespoke wine making.

The Avenue Home Collective is excited to announce a private, hosted ​client appreciation event at Orfila Winery on June 30th! Be sure to RSVP by June 23rd to secure your spot: Kids welcome!

4. Real estate values

It is common knowledge in real estate that areas that are surrounded by "hot" neighborhoods are only destined to become hot themselves. The secret of South Escondido will spread, and young families would be smart to invest their money here first. Melissa believes this area is one of the best investment communities in San Diego county for return on equity!

If you have interest in South Escondido real estate, be sure to work with the best in the business. Schedule a free chat with Melissa here!

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