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from our Scandinavian design guru's

Anyone that has heard of IKEA knows that Scandinavian home design sets the tone for worldwide lifestyle and decor trends.

So what's next in Scandinavian home decor? Perhaps because of our hectic tech-saturated world, and the rise of mass consumerist counter culture, minimalist design and minimalism as a lifestyle choice is rapidly growing into new frontiers.

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The "new" in Minimalism:

1. Tech free zones

It may be hard to imagine for yourself, but research shows Scandinavian's have had enough with being overly stimulated in the home environment. Home design trends are leaning toward highly personalized spaces that are designated "tech free." This means, no television, computer or cell phones allowed.

Imagine a bedroom with no social media, texts or interruptions! If this catches on, Americans may be able to improve their sleep after all.

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2. "Lagom"

The book Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much: The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced Happy Life, by Niki Brzantmark, has made quite the impression on communities worldwide. This book is all about establishing a "balanced life" and only purchasing what will be used often and loved long term. Conscious buying and slow design is predicted to become more important than fast consumerist products for the general public- which has already been proved through data collected on Millennial shopping habits.

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3. Cottage Culture

Finland's citizens are said to be "the happiest on earth," so when a design trend emerges from this forward thinking country, we are best to listen. "Cottage culture" is such a popular trend in this region there are even hotels offering a full immersive experience.

So what is Cottage culture? It's a mindset and approach to architecture where community is of the highest regard. Expect to see communal living and eating spaces, "healthy" natural lighting to emulate the outdoors, and minimalist decor that could even be described as stark.

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4. Deconstructed Storage

This trend is not for the faint of heart and requires incredible minimalist dedication. Deconstructed storage is when the contents of your closet become somewhat of your living space decor. Only high-quality, show stopping items allowed. Clothing is presented in the most elegant way, on a single stylish rack- opening up more square footage without bulky closet build outs.

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5. Monochrome Art

Scandinavian home decor trends show that minimalist design is now trickling into the art we surround ourselves with. It used to be that pared down rooms created a blank canvas for vibrant art to be the center of attention. Now collections are being displayed that reflect the simple aesthetic of the room and lifestyle.

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