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The Mompreneur Meetup

from tragedy to triumph & masterminding motherhood

Melissa Sofia is not only the broker/owner of the The Avenue Home Collective, she considers it her life's purpose to advocate for hard working mama's everywhere.

On Smarter San Diego last month Melissa shared the heart wrenching story of how her mother, Malou Alvarez, passed away. Malou was a very prolific and successful San Diego realtor who was known for giving everyone, even strangers, the very best of herself. Melissa learned her exceptional work ethic from Malou, and even helped run the business alongside her before her passing. Malou was a woman of immense talents and she put everyone and everything before herself. Melissa believes that her selfless mother left her life so young because she never took time to fill her own cup.

However, in true Melissa Sofia fashion, she has turned this tragedy into a triumph, taking inspiration from her mother to create her own booming real estate brokerage, and two ventures that she hopes will provide inspiration and support to mompreneurs and stay at home mothers everywhere.

One of these passion projects, The Mompreneur Meetup, has grown so quickly it has surprised even Melissa.

To learn who a mompreneur is, check out this blog. To put it briefly, she is a stay at home mom who runs her own business or works, (sometimes multiple jobs) while managing the household and raising children. A mompreneur consistently defies the restrictions of time, doing more in one day than most humans can do in a month.

So how does Melissa support them?

Facts about the Mompreneur meetup:


A mastermind group of dedicated mothers who take on the role of raising and managing a family, running businesses, and/or working.

Fact: A stay at home mom is a full time job!


San Diego, CA *location changes monthly, but it is always somewhere with fabulous food and beverage options!


The last Thursday of every month. The next meet up will be on July 25th, 2019 from 9:30am-11am at the Farmer and the Seahorse.


Melissa Sofia always organizes and speaks at every meetup, with a topic of conversation that is both helpful and thought provoking. She also invites experts to speak or present ideas that offer dynamic solutions to masterminding motherhood. Any and ALL mothers are welcome from all walks of life to attend.


Join the mompreneur Facebook page and follow the @mompreneurmeetup on Instagram to receive the latest updates on where meetups will be and to connect with fellow mamas. The Facebook page offers opportunity for mother's to post questions and provides opportunity for collaborations. Many friendships have already been fostered!

Support Melissa Sofia's journey in advocating for mothers by following here, here, and here.

By supporting mothers we are changing the world, one generation at a time!

Want to know how you can get involved with The Mompreneur Meetup or want expert real estate advice? Schedule a free phone chat with Melissa!

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