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Tiny bathroom hacks

5 genius ways to make a small bathroom seem grand

We've all been there-- either in our own homes, staying at a friends house, or in a tiny European style hotel room-- tiny bathrooms do not start a day off on the right foot. Hostel style toilets are cute when you're 21 on a holiday backpacking trip, but let's be real- for our own homes we want a powder room that inspires visions of living our best life.

Currently living in a home where a tiny bathroom is cramping your style? Lucky for you, there are genius hacks you can implement for creating the illusion of an expansive powder room.

Read below for our top 5 favorite ways to enlarge a bathroom space!

1. Floating basin sink

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Time to rethink your vanity situation! A floating basin sink creates more airy space in a tight bathroom. Use a floating vanity with countertop if you need to provide a surface for necessities, and then add floating shelves and / or cupboards elsewhere for all your storage needs.

2. Large mirrors

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Even though small framed mirrors are trendy, they are not rightly placed in tiny bathrooms. If you want to create an illusion of a spacious room, mirrors are going to be your best friend. Place a large mirror on the longest wall and fill up as much of the wall space with the reflective surface possible. This is the single most crucial investment you can make in a small bathroom!

3. Light & bright

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If a room is especially small, consider using light as a feature design element. If the budget allows, adding a skylight or widening the windows would be an ideal choice. Light naturally brings fresh life to a room, no matter how spatially challenged.

4. Have fun with wallpaper

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Just because a bathroom is small doesn't mean it has to be boring! Exciting wallpaper will make the space feel fun and novel, and will also distract guests from noticing how small the bathroom actually is. A genius way to apply wallpaper to a small space is to only do a half wall of it, keeping the bottom half simple and sleek. This trick actually makes the space feel bigger while adding flair.

5. Barn door

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A barn door is a small bathroom hack must! Without having to consider the clearance a regular door would need, you can now fill the space with a larger vanity, bathtub, or reconfigure the entire space to be more comfortable. If privacy is your main concern, make sure the barn door leaves no gaps at the top or bottom, and add a secure latch.

Would you rather move into a new home than get creative with your tiny bathroom? We got you! Schedule a FREE consultation with us today, and we will happily guide you.

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