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'Tis the season

To update your dining room for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and whether you plan to entertain a festive few or every relation to you, it's time to freshen up your entertaining spaces.

It's important to focus on the rooms you'll spend the most time in with loved ones. For most families that means the areas where we congregate to eat. Lucky for you we've listed 6 of the easiest ways to spruce up your dining room:

1. Add some Hygge

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Hygge is the ever popular Scandinavian lifestyle trend that asks us to cozy up at home. Hygge elements in the dining room could mean ambient lighting, warm textures, or our ultimate fav: faux fur on your chairs.

2. Impress with a rug

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Adding a colorful rug with interest is the easiest way to liven up a dining room. Choose one that compliments the colors/theme of the room already so you don't have to make any other adjustments. Also, be sure to pick a design you will love all year long.

3. Bring in the plants

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Adding plant life to your dining room will make your space feel fresh and can uplift your guests. Choose smaller plants for the table and larger varieties to place around the space. Keep in mind you may already have plant life around the home you could use for the occasion- making this a very inexpensive option.

4. Change your cushions

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Updating your chair cushions will make it appear you bought a new dining room set! Try a mix-match look for a boho vibe or choose a vibrant year round pattern that you can enjoy throughout the seasons. Tip to save $: invest in cushion covers only, and put your old cushions inside.

5. Embrace your environment

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Decorate your dining space with pieces that compliment your outer environment. Socal Beach home? Add a brightly colored surfboard as a piece of art and color coordinate your table decor with it. Live in a drought tolerant rustic home? Incorporate some terra cotta pottery and maybe a cacti into your room and table theme.

6. Update your lighting

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We all know lighting is everything. By updating your lighting fixtures you update your entire dining atmosphere. If buying new lighting is out of reach try investing in some gorgeous candles. Try electric or unscented versions for the dining room. Your guests will surely be impressed by your attention to detail.

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