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A Million Smart Women and how women can save the world

Earlier this month Will Marrè joined Melissa Sofia on the set of Smarter San Diego to advocate for women's leadership. He's been coaching and consulting men and women senior executives for over 30 years and his next movement is truly inspiring: A Million Smart Women. 

"Scientifically and experientially women are better leaders than men."

Leadership is now a measurable science and Will states plain and clear that data proves that women make better leaders than men. Sound thought-provoking?

Read the highlights below to learn why: 

1. Many corporations are going out of business because they are doing what they have always done before, (run by men). 20 years ago there were 7,000 public companies and today there are only 4,000. Why? This can be attributed to a lack in innovation. The science of leadership shows that men use what is called a "Hard power" type of leadership. Meaning: they are good at achieving goals and producing the same results, (think football coach mentality). Women use what is called "Smart Power." Smart power is activated when you work for a reason, for meaning, and you practice strategic collaboration. Women have "Smart Power" tendencies much more than men.

Smart Power creates innovation

2. Zenger Folkman, a company that produces the most cutting edge leadership research conducted a long-term study researching what behaviors make successful leaders. Their research had them investigating every single job function from healthcare to sales. What they found is that men excelled in only ONE category: Building Maintenance.

3. 96.3% of our criminal population is male. Men have more difficulty with impulse control. Self control is one of the biggest markers of success.

So why aren't there more female leaders?

One of many issues is that throughout history women have existed to help men achieve their important goals. Sounds harsh but history proves this. When Will conducts trainings with only women he finds that many of them are not clear about their ambitions because they have been focused on helping others achieve their dreams. This mindset must change, and now is the time for men to start supporting women in achieving their dreams.

If you want growth and innovation you need to engage women at the very highest levels of organizations in leadership roles of responsibility.

We ❤️ Millenials

The good news is we aren't doomed and the work has already begun because millennials are changing this mindset. Starting at age 32 and below, gender equality in leadership and the workforce is showing a vast improvement. However, the reason "A Million Smart Women" exists is because the world is run by the older generations and they create the current world condition. Will created this movement so that Millenials can inherit a brighter world.

Want to learn more about Will and A Million Smart Women? Click here. Or, schedule a free convo with Melissa Sofia by clicking here.

Watch the full footage on You Tube here.

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