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Yes, you can stop renting

Real Estate | Right Now with Melissa Sofia

Our broker, Melissa Sofia, offers real solutions for the 4 biggest obstacles Millenials stress about when becoming financially ready to own a home. Want more one-on-one advice? Schedule a time to talk to Melissa today.

1. Insufficient credit score or history

The credit standards got tougher after the crash but that doesn't mean you are out for the count. 2/3 of millenials meet the industry standard minimum credit score of 620. Tip: Get your free credit score. Sites like credit karma will put you in the know of exactly where you are at and what items you need to clean up your score.

Did you get denied for a Target card and now you think your credit is crap?

Find out for sure. Most people refuse to look out of fear. It's better to know what you are dealing with, so let me put you in touch with the best lenders in town.

2. Millenials are largely unaware of the many down payment options available.

42% of home buyers say they didn't know what lenders would expect from them and 73% are totally unaware that 3-5% down payment options even exist! Plus, did you know I can roll your closing costs right into your loan? It's possible you will only have to pay out of pocket for a down payment.

3. Insufficient income for monthly payments

A wise man once said - Mo money mo problems. Your bills tend to stretch to where your

income level is. Simple budgeting tactics and awareness can help you move towards

home ownership goals. Check with a lender before you count yourself out. On average, the monthly debt to income ratio is at 32%, well within the range most lenders look for! It's definitely worth a conversation to get you out of your insane rental payment.

Are you one of the thousands of millenials who are stuck in this mindset? Schedule a time to talk to Melissa and she will offer you straight forward options and solutions to get you out of renting.

Be sure to tune in next week, Thursday at 12:30 for our next FB Live- Real Estate | Right Now ​

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