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You get what you pay for

Why hiring a discount Real Estate Agent is a bad idea

As everything in life, You get what you pay for

When you are looking to buy or sell a home, the high price tags and large amounts of cash leaving your bank account can be stressful, so it is only natural to try to find ways to hang onto a few dollars.

However, hiring a discount real estate agent can hurt you more than help you.

Discounted commissions = Discounted services and Discounted skill sets!

This is a sales industry and negotiation skills are PARAMOUNT. If an agent does not have the expertise and experience to be able to negotiate for their own money, how hard do you think they are going to fight when it's your money on the table?

If your discount broker was a strong negotiator they certainly wouldnt be accepting a low commission.

There are several opportunities during the escrow process where an agent has the opportunity to save clients money by avoiding repairs, gaining credits or agreeing to a price reduction. Real talk: without having a strong negotiator vouching for you, you could lose tens of thousands of dollars.

These real estate discount agencies will state that they will offer you all of the same services, however since most do not have an agent dedicated to just working for you, the agent will be totally unaware of the details of a transaction- as well as your unique situation and interests.

For the couple of thousands you think you will save, you would make tens of thousands more to have an experienced professional by your side.

The Avenue Home Collective is proud to service our SoCal communities with Realtors who will work tirelessly for your best interests. To schedule a free appointment click this link.

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