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Your Holiday Weekend Agenda

The top Memorial Day weekend happenings in SoCal

Excited for the upcoming holiday weekend but unsure of where to go/what to do? We have you covered! Read below for the top 3 best activities to commit to in SoCal.

1. DAM Park (pronounced 'dahm') is officially opening its doors in North Park over Memorial Day weekend! This is a 4 day event NOT to be missed. This new park space in sunny San Diego will feature the best food/drink vendors, all-day / all-night music and DJ's, plus it's for a good cause. Proceeds will benefit Angels for Angels. Check out details and the entire schedule here.

2. The Newport Beach Beerfest is an all inclusive event on the sandy beaches of the Newport Dunes. Guests can try unlimited samples of over 150 craft beers, wine, and spirits while enjoying Socal scenery. This event starts in the morning and goes late into the evening so bring your stamina! Live bands, DJ's and food trucks will be there to support you. Proceeds will benefit the 1/1 Marine Foundation of Newport Beach.

3. Bohemians Unite! Tucked away in the iconic Topanga Canyon, the 44th "Topanga Days" festival is a memorable local tradition. Free spirited people of all ages can celebrate art, music, food and an atmosphere reminiscent of Woodstock. You'll find a plentitude of healing arts vendors, holistic foods and flower child vibes. Let the kids enjoy their own activities list and don’t miss the eclectic Memorial Day parade. More info here.

Want more information about local "going ons" in your SoCal neighborhood? We are always informed! Schedule a free chat with us!

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